2Klean Claims ANSI All Payor Direct Billing Software for Medisoft

2Klean Claims is an easy-to-use software that both "cleans" healthcare claims before they're sent to insurance companies and converts them into a HIPAA-compliant ANSI 4010 or 5010 format.

With 2Klean Claims, healthcare providers can submit an electronic version of their insurance claims to any provider that accepts the new HIPAA-compliant ANSI 5010 format. In addition, 2Klean Claims analyzes beforehand to ensure that completion and that no errors on the forms are being sent out, providing more accuracy than other methods.

Specifically, the software uses an image of the HCFA 1500/CMS 1500 form and formats it to the ANSI 4010 or ANSI 5010 format that is required by Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The claims are sent directly to the insurance providers, and they can be submitted in all 50 states.

Through the software, any mistakes are shown in real time and a report of all the corrected information is created before the forms are sent to the insurance companies.

2Klean Claims are then uploaded online and sent to the insurance providers through the web portal. The claims are then converted to the ANSI 4010 or ANSI 5010 format and cleaned before submitted.

2Klean Claims doesn’t require users to learn a new system. Additionally, any new 2Klean Claims updates are automatic and do not require any additional software.

Bills are sent directly to the insurance companies, not a clearinghouse. By cutting back on the number of parties that see the information, healthcare providers are able to be reimbursed more quickly than with other methods.

2Klean Claims Features

  • ANSI format HIPAA Compliant electronic claims.
  • Works with any practice management software that can produce a print image of a HCFA 1500 / CMS 1500 form including Lytec, Medisoft, and more.
  • Transmits claims directly to Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield in all 50 states.
  • Users login through their web browser to upload the claim file, which is automatically converted to the ANSI format.
  • Cleans Claims before transmitting electronically.
  • Real time online reporting for errors and claims processing.
  • Produces a preview report of all claims processed and a posting detail report of claims approved and rejected.
  • New! Supports MSP.

2Klean Claims Benefits

  • Does not require learning new software.
  • Easy to use browser based electronic claims processing.
  • Direct billing to the payor with no middle man or clearinghouse to contend with. You immediately know if your claims have been received, if they are approved or rejected directly from each individual payor.
  • Automatic updates that does not require additional software to install on your computer.
  • Supports current versions of Lytec and Medisoft.
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