Medisoft Support from 2K Medical

As valuable as Medisoft solutions are to medical practices and billing companies, an investment in these products will be maximized when users receive end-to-end support from 2K Medical Billing Systems, a proven Medisoft value-added reseller.

Our support of our clients begins before they even adopt one of our Medisoft solutions. We send information about our Medisoft offerings to prospective users, including video demos and even personal demos upon request. As such, we are able to match medical practices and medical billing companies with the solution that is perfectly tailored to meet their needs. It's this high degree of customer service that sets 2K Medical Billing Systems apart.

Our onboarding process helps us develop a thorough understanding of our partners, so that we are better able to deliver ongoing support throughout the course of the relationship. Our experience with different partners has exposed us to a variety of pain points that providers address through Medisoft products, so we are able to deliver innovative solutions in ways that other value-added resellers cannot.

As part of this process, we will train your staff on best practices for using the full Medisoft suite. We can also engage in data file repair and data conversions as needed.

2K Medical Billing Systems supports all versions of Medisoft, including:

  • Medisoft 25
  • Medisoft 24
  • Medisoft 23
  • Medisoft 22
  • Medisoft 21
  • Medisoft 20
  • Medisoft 19
  • Medisoft 18
  • Medisoft 17
  • Medisoft 16
  • Medisoft 15
  • Medisoft 14
  • Medisoft 12
  • Medisoft 11
  • Medisoft 10
  • Medisoft 9
  • Medisoft 7
  • Medisoft 6
  • Medisoft Clinical

Any organization that adopts one of these proven programs, or the electronic medical record solution Medisoft Clinical, should reach out to 2K Medical Billing Systems for ongoing Medisoft support. As intuitive as these solutions are, 2K Medical Billing Systems is the partner you need to truly streamline your billing, claims and recordkeeping practices.

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