What is 2K Medical Software?

When the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was implemented in 2009, healthcare providers around the country began integrating electronic medical records into their practices. Now, thanks to HITECH's financial incentives for using health information technology, millions of providers are using digital records. In addition to the electronic records themselves, having the necessary support and training is also a key part of adopting the new software. This is where electronic medical records vendors come in.

Certified by McKesson Practice Solution as a Value Added Reseller, 2K Medical Software is a certified reseller of Medisoft Software, an electronic medical records software. 2K Medical Software also provides the training, data file repair, data conversions and other support needed to adapt the electronic medical records as well. For medical practices looking into either expanding their electronic medical records or beginning to use electronic medical records, 2K Medical Software can provide the support necessary for an smooth transition.

To implement this software quickly into your daily routine, it is important to have a strong training program to ensure that all staff members are comfortable with the new system. As one of the top distributors of Medisoft Medical Software, 2K Medical can help any healthcare provider become familiar with the electronic medical record system quickly and thoroughly.

As one of the top distributors of Medisoft Medical Software, our industry knowledge and expertise help us provide superior customer service to any healthcare professional looking to expand, upgrade or implement an electronic medical record system. We know how valuable time is in the healthcare sector and we take our role seriously when helping our customers transition to their new software. Though Medisoft Medical Software is known for being straightforward to use, we also provide support throughout the process to help users gain familiarity.

In addition to distributing the software, our work developing direct electronic claims software and patented mobile technology for Medisoft has allowed us to have in-and- out knowledge of the product, which is ideal for any healthcare facility looking for an electronic medical records solution.

During a time with new government mandates and technological changes are sweeping through the industry, healthcare providers should be able to concentrate on what they do best - providing medical care. At 2K Medical Software, we are well-versed in both the needs of a practice and the legal requirements, giving providers the ability to perform their best without worrying about administrative needs.

2Klean Claims

In addition to selling Medisoft Software, 2K Medical Software also provides 2Klean Claims, a HIPAA-compliant electronic insurance claims software. 2Klean Claims allows medical offices to transmit their insurance claims digitally to any insurance company that accepts the claims. The software uses an image of an outputted CMS 1500 form and formats it to that required by Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield. With 2KMobile Link, a medical practice management system can be used on a mobile device thanks to patented technology.

2K Medical Software is also a certified claim vendor for a number of major insurance companies, including Medicare, Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield and Availity.

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