Medisoft 23

Medisoft 23

Medisoft 23 is Medisoft's newest version. Take your practice to the next level with Medisoft V23. Now more than ever, it's important for practices to utilize technology and automation to improve the efficiency and profitability of the practice. As insurance companies continue to squeeze the revenue going to providers, you must find ways to stay profitable. Medisoft V23 can help! Medisoft V23 will help you automate a number of processes, keeping your office profitable and independent. Medisoft© powered by eMDs is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. With each new release it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added. Medisoft supports Windows 7 Professional and newer and Windows Server 2008 and newer. Medisoft Clinical is the integrated EHR (electronic health record) for Medisoft.

Here are just a few of the notable benefits of upgrading to Medisoft V23:

  • Customizable Timely Filing Calculator
  • Additional AR Tracker Enhancements
  • Revenue Manager Remittance Auto-Posting Now Shows Secondary Payer Status
  • Auto Assign Statement Notes based on Remittance Code
  • Insurance Card Scanning to policy and multimedia tabs
  • Advanced Duplicate Patient Account Record Matching
  • Reporting Best Practices Documentation
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Customizable Timely Filing Calculator

The new timely filing calculator in Medisoft 23 Accounts Receivable Tracker keeps your practice on track calculating just how long you have to file your claim while you work your insurance receivables. Billers can now instantly see how many days until timely filing expires, which claims have already been billed, and which claims are overdue. Prioritize insurance claims submissions and work rejections promptly and more efficiently. Better yet, this feature is customizable to each payers filing requirements meaning you will never miss a deadline again.

Medisoft 23 Timely Filing

Additional AR Tracker Enhancements

• Instant recognition of patient and transaction statuses
• Patient Flag background colors display in Patient Name columns
• Incomplete Transaction colors display in transaction grids

Write Off Utility

Revenue Manager Remittance Auto-Posting Now Shows Secondary Payer Status

Secondary payer claim processing has never been more important. The Revenue Manager remittance posting grid has been updated to show the claim status and save billers time and clicks when working the secondary payer. The secondary payer name and filing method are also included in the grid so that you can quickly see whether claims need to be sent electronically or on paper.


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Auto Assign Statement Notes based on Remittance Code

Transaction documentation now includes 3 note fields instead of 1! Users can enter notes into separate internal statement and internal notes. Don't worry, your existing notes are automatically moved to the new note format when you upgrade. Statement and notes are also available in remittance posting with auto assign notes or the free text entry feature options so that you can enter notes without leaving the Revenue Manager workflow.

Patient Statement Notes

Users can enter statement & internal notes with remittance
– auto‐assign statement message setup,
– freetext entry for an internal note or statement note

Remittance Notes

Assign Notes button
• User can select a pre‐built statement message, or
• freetext the statement note

Assign Notes

Insurance Card Scanning to policy and multimedia tabs

Now have a copy of the patient's current insurance card at your fingertips to verify policy numbers, have the carrier's address and phone number handy, and see copay amounts. You can scan to the Policy tabs and to the Multimedia tab for added convenience. You can also customize the resolution of the scanned image to optimize viewing.

• Will be available on the MultiMedia tab and Policy 1,2,3 tabs
• Will support double‐sided scanning
• Requires purchase of 3rd party software for RDP scanning: We tested Terminal Works TSScan; provides a TWAIN compliant scanner mapping for remote desktop, terminal services, VDI or Citrix servers.

Insurance Scanning

Advanced Duplicate Patient Record Matching

With more and more patients refusing to provide Social Security Numbers, duplicate records are on the rise. That can create all sorts of problems with billing and reporting. Medisoft V23 solves this problem by going beyond just social security numbers and looking at the patient's last name and date of birth too, virtually eliminating duplication. Better yet, the software checks for social security duplicate records so that data entry time isn't wasted.

Reporting Best Practices Documentation

Is your practice struggling with how and when to review practice reports? Or understanding which reports you need to run for a snapshot of your practice's financial health? In Medisoft V23, you will have access to a repository of best practices collected from experienced sources to help guide you with popular reporting and management suggestions for maximum reporting impact.

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