Medisoft Office Hours Client Server

Medisoft Office Hours Client Server supports more than one user and requires a separate advantage license. With an easy-to-use system like Medisoft Office Hours, doctors and medical staff members can easily track appointments, see which time slots are available, and create appointments efficiently. By improving your office’s administration system, doctors and staff members can focus on what matters: helping patients.

Medisoft Office Hours
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Medisoft Office Hours includes the following new features:
  • Quickly make, copy, or change appointments
  • Track treatment room schedules
  • Instantaneously search all providers for next available time slot
  • Add patients to an appointment wait list
  • Color code appointments to quickly identify types of appointments such as new patients who require registration forms
  • Track the status of appointments – mark them as unconfirmed, confirmed, checked in, being seen, checked out, missed, or cancelled
  • Check a patient’s health plan for status, deductibles, and co-payment information
  • Create custom reports and lists
  • View a patient’s account balance
  • Access, add, or edit patient case notes
  • Print superbills for all appointments scheduled


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